Lean for the Office

Skilled Lean practitioners find that office environments have as much or more waste as the production floor. Fortunately, the Lean principles and tools that make production flow also apply effectively to information flow.

Process mapping is a Lean tool often used for business processes where time observations are difficult to capture. The first time process mapping is used to expose and remove waste in a process, the team typically eliminates anywhere from 40 to 70 percent of the steps involved.

Use Process Mapping to Find the Least Waste Way to Information Flow

Process mapping can be an effective visual tool in your arsenal for exposing and removing waste. Process maps are often used for business processes where time observations are difficult to capture and where many hand-offs in information, signatures or approvals occur.

A process map is a visual representation of a sequence of activities that helps illustrate the current process, and exposes waste and opportunities for countermeasures. Process maps are excellent tools for helping team members understand each other’s tasks and the impacts each has in the overall process.

Our Approach

We train your team on the mechanics of process mapping, and when to effectively apply this robust tool for removing waste. We then facilitate process improvement activities on actual processes in your company, using this tool to guide your Lean leaders to become their own facilitators.

Your developing Lean leaders learn the nuances of team member selection, event scoping for effectiveness, group facilitation, how to use non-leading questions to gain consensus, root cause analysis, and rules for successful brainstorming.

If you are interested in Process Mapping and would like to schedule a consultation, contact us at 503-250-2235 or email us at info@petersco.net.