What We Do

We help you reduce risk and gain tactical advantage over your competitors by building your only appreciating asset – your people. We strengthen your team by teaching them how to apply the Lean principles—the Toyota Production System—to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Approach

The concepts and approach we use are based on the Toyota Production System, a philosophy of “the complete elimination of all waste” that applies to all aspects of the organization. You and your team learn how to pursue value to the customer and security for the people working in the company.

Success Stories

Our achievements are based on the success of our clients. See examples of how our improvement methods enable teams to fully engage in change for good in their organizations. Get inspired by extraordinary victories of our clients. Learn how they overcame obstacles in applying Lean to their work.

Partnering with The Peters Company

How Can My Company Benefit?

Employee Engagement

Our method empowers every member of your team to make improvements to your business.

Standardized Work

Move from unstable processes to standardized work that team members follow consistently.

Process Improvement

Teams typically achieve double-digit improvements the first time Lean is applied to a process.

Stronger Communication

Clarify and standardize communication as team members understand impacts of their work.

A few words about us

Let us introduce ourselves

The Peters company is run by husband and wife team, Rick and Elizabeth Peters.

They come alongside and coach clients through dramatic improvements in their organizations. They set high expectations of the people they work with—and help them reach their goals.

Their bias-for-action, hands-on approach to learning means each client benefits from process improvement as quickly as possible.

This approach comes with a lot of coaching so individual team members gain understanding of the process and methods while growing respect for each other.

Rick and Elizabeth’s mission is to seek out and develop continuous improvement leaders in every company they work with, and they’re grateful for the exceptional people they have had the privilege to serve.


Recognize these 7 things to cut waste in your business today

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Identify, reduce and eliminate waste in business processes.


Lean is the relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste in business processes.

Lean principles give a powerful framework for delivering more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects, and less human effort.

Below are some examples of the industry sectors we cater to.

News & Case Studies

Recent News

Lean Leader Course

Lean Leader Course Launches in February

Registration is now open for the 2023 Lean Leader Course, a…
Lean Consortium Bailey Event Team2022 Elizabeth Peters

Nurseries Work Together to Solve Labor Challenges and Reduce Waste

During the first 2022 Lean Leader Course event, Bailey Nurseries’ Yamhill Propagation site reduced waste and developed standard work for liner pulling and processing.

Lean Presentations from 2022 Farwest Show

Presentations from the Lean sessions at the 2022 Farwest Show

Lean Practitioners Share Their Knowledge at the 2022 Farwest Show

Learn about Lean directly from growers and horticulture industry practitioners at the Farwest Show.
Rick and Elizabeth Peters

Is Going Lean the Antidote for Your Labor Shortage?

These days, labor shortages top the list of daily…
Lean Consortium

Lean Consortium Pivots Through the Pandemic, Opens to New Members

The Lean Consortium announced this week that its doors are open…
61 Percent

Average Productivity Improvement

3,748 Employees

We’ve Trained

94 Years

Combined Experience

Learn from your home or office

Online Course

Learn how our online courses can help you deliver more value to customers at a lower cost, in shorter time, with fewer defects, and less human effort.

Industry Sectors


Growers of nursery, greenhouse, commodities and specialty crops.

Government & Non-Profits

“Unclogging the pipes” within office processes.

Construction & Landscape

Heavy industrial/engineering, commercial and residential.

What our clients say


We started to ask what would it look like if our business was the best at getting better—and what that would look like to our customers. Our highest gains are from the encouraging attitudes Elizabeth and Rick instill in our employees through the seminars and events.

With the support and leadership of the Peters Company, our Election Teams have helped us develop several changes that look minor on the surface but made significant improvements to our speed, accuracy, and efficiency in processing voted ballots.

The numbers are exciting but what is even more gratifying is the new attitude in that division of our company. The time and opportunity that was given to share ideas and trial different methods was a truly empowering and meaningful bonding experience for everyone involved. We are grateful to the Peters Company for taking the time to help us create a better tomorrow.

It was Tuesday. I had just gotten back into the office after talking with Mellisa who was excited at how well the standard work was going in propagation. Back at my desk I could overhear Zac and Joe happily discussing a draft of a new improvement target while Mark came in to talk to me with exuberance about the upcoming kaizen event. I could have jumped for joy. Thanks for helping us get to this point. I’m looking forward to the next improvement.

The Lean Consortium has transformed the way I think and operate–not only at work, but in my personal life. I’ve adopted a new way of thinking that strives to organize, optimize, and innovate. I no longer look at processes as a burden, but as an opportunity to eliminate waste and grow professionally. The Consortium has also taught me leadership and shown me the power of teamwork. Thank you, Liz and Rick, you are incredible teachers and friends!

The Lean 5S event was much more than a “clean-up” project, which we have done numerous times without lasting result. The amount accomplished in one day was astounding, and could not have been directed by one person to get that type of result. The teams were focused and collaborated with each other. We now have a punch-list of longer-term goals, and are staying on track, testing the new methods and tweaking as needed. Team members are accountable to one another, and we actively look for new places to improve.

We highly recommend the services of Rick and Elizabeth Peters, whether your company is just beginning its lean journey or assistance is needed advancing to the next level. They are extremely adaptive in teaching basic lean concepts to new employees, or working with management on advanced topics or group dynamics.  Most of all, they are genuine individuals who care about the people they work with and want to see them grow and succeed in all aspects of life.

We went farther with The Peters Company in process mapping than we had before. You both handled the dynamic extremely well and your facilitation gave us better results than we expected. I’m amazed at the coming together of our team. We “moved the bar” to where we can make big improvements moving forward.

We have had consultants show up and tell us what to do, but after they left, nothing really happened. The Peters Company worked alongside our team and coached us throughout the improvement process. Today our team is stronger, and the return on investment is huge. We’re saving at least two hours per day for every crew member.

Rick and Elizabeth are fun to work with and they always bring great perspective.  I look to them as mentors and value the experience and passion they share during each session and beyond.

Rick and Elizabeth are great to work with and have become mentors to our Robinson team. They know what they’re doing, they’re geared for Lean, and they understand the business of nursery and horticulture. They bring a level of professional expertise to the process that doesn’t exist anywhere else in our industry.