A collaborative approach to Lean

A lean consortium is a small group of companies that work together to apply Lean principles to processes in each other’s companies over the course of one year.

The Peters Company facilitates lean consortiums, delivering all of the training, materials, tools, and professional event coordination to deliver outcomes that exceed participants’ expectations.

Consortium: What it takes

High Commitment + High Value

  • Three key employees understand Lean concepts and how to apply them
  • Leader must be trained and engaged throughout the program
  • Participants learn their roles and responsibilities in driving a sustainable lean culture
  • Visible evidence of lean principles applied to the business
  • Peer-to-peer accountability and support shared with trusted practitioners in other companies

Consortium: What you get

Company Benefits

  • Combination of training, tools, and hands-on experience for three people
  • Powerful industry peer support for key employees
  • Measurable productivity improvements
  • Bi-weekly private discussions among member top executives
  • 24/7 access to Video Library and Resource Center