CASE STUDY: JLPN’s Lean Journey

Our team spent time last week at JLPN, Inc. with owner John Lewis discussing the transformation of this third-generation tree seedling and liner grower in Oregon. 

Lewis asserts that “Lean is the single biggest contributing factor to our continued business growth and success.” ​

He is joined by three members of his team, who share their thoughts and approach to continually improving their business and building their people using Lean principles. 

They also freely share a few challenges that had to be overcome, and what they might do differently next time. ​

During this 52-minute video you’ll be on-site at the nursery, getting a picture of what John and his team have learned together over their 5-years of pursuing the “Least Waste Way” of doing business. You’ll enjoy their stories, gather ideas, and hear advice for other growers interested in pursuing Lean.