Policy Deployment Workshop for Leaders

The Peters Company is offering a high-velocity Policy Deployment workshop for company executives and senior managers on June 12, 2019 in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Many companies “do Lean things” that deliver incremental, scattershot improvements, yet fail to achieve breakthrough results. Every leader faces the challenge of how to translate vision into measurable improvements that transform the organization into a Lean enterprise.

Lean organizations use Policy Deployment to connect annual objectives with the long-term strategy of a company – in a way that makes sense for every employee. Also known as “Hoshin Kanri” or “Hoshin Planning,” it is a disciplined methodology to reliably execute strategic breakthroughs. Policy Deployment links daily activity with leadership’s vision. 

Participants will walk away with a launch point for this powerful planning and deployment process. Key topics:

  • Policy Deployment vs. Management by Objectives 
  • Policy Deployment and Lean Implementation 
  • Strategic and tactical tools 
  • Tips for successful planning and development
  • Aligning functional strategy to 
    business strategy
  • Translating a plan into action

This hands-on workshop shows how to go beyond “doing lean things” to becoming a Lean company. Participants will learn how to choose the right goals for an organization through an effective feedback process. They will understand and begin to work with important tools and concepts, such as the X-Matrix and Catchball. They will discover how to focus and align strategy with resources to accomplish strategic goals.

Who Should Attend: Company executives and senior managers. A team approach is recommended.


Cost is $600/person. Three or more from the same company at $500/person. Discounts available for Lean Consortium members.

For more information and to register, contact Elizabeth Peters at 503-250-2235 or epeters@petersco.net.

DEADLINE: Registrations due June 5. No cancellations after that date.

Keeping Things Moving

“The Lean concept of continuous flow delivers big for Oregon’s nurseries,” reported Jon Bell in the May, 2019 edition of Digger magazine.

“Twenty people to five. A quarter-mile span to 20 feet. One week to 20 minutes. What do these all have in common? They are all some of the head-scratching efficiencies that individual nurseries across Oregon have realized since they’ve implemented one key Lean concept — continuous flow. In short, it means efficiently moving materials through a streamlined production process from start to finish.”

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Creating Standard Work

Digger magazine’s May, 2019 issue takes an in-depth look at four essential Lean concepts. Writer Jon Bell focused on a make-or-break topic for any organization that wants to sustain Lean over time: Standard Work.

“At its most basic, the Lean concept of standard work is simply defining the most efficient method to accomplish a task or produce a product and then following that method without deviation,” wrote Bell. “It breaks down the methods into detailed, manageable steps that eliminate waste and ensure that every employee is essentially working on the process in the exact same way.”

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Organizing spaces with 5S

“Many nurseries deploying Lean to make their processes less wasteful have found that organizing work spaces is a crucial part of their approach,” wrote Bill Goloski in the May, 2019 edition of Digger magazine.

“To do this, they are deploying a Lean methodology called “5S.” The letters stand for 1) sort, 2) set in order, 3) shine, 4) standardize and 5) sustain.”

“5S is about creating a culture of respect,” Elizabeth Peters, Lean consultant with The Peters Company, said. “When we have a clean, safe, orderly and visual workplace, we have improved employee morale, less searching for what’s needed, and better productivity.”

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