Northwest Firm Launches Online Lean Training

Live, Online Classroom Lean Training for Teams Now Available

The Peters Company launched a new live, online classroom training program for organizations seeking to build their Lean capabilities.

The first recipient of this new delivery method is TerViva, a cutting-edge agriculture technology company that grows Pongamia trees, the world’s most scalable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of vegetable oil and plant protein.

“Streamlining communication, mapping and optimizing existing and new processes, elimination of waste and improving efficiencies has become even more critical and urgent during this time of pandemic,” said Jerrin Victor, Vice President.

“Having worked with the Peters Company before and seeing great results, it made sense to connect with them as our training partner,” said Victor. “TerViva being a multinational company stands to benefit greatly from the application of Lean principles.”

Live, online training connects team members from multiple locations with award-winning instructors in real-time

Unlike webinars–which limit participants to chat–the live classroom allows interaction and dialogue with instructors and among team members. Each week participants are given “learn-then-do” assignments, with report-outs of what they learned to assure follow up and immediate application.

“We have had a lot of requests to transform our in-person training to an online delivery method,” said Rick Peters, President of the Peters Company. “The pandemic put development into overdrive.”

“We could not think of a better partner than TerViva for our inaugural course. We were honored they asked us to provide a custom program for leaders of their grower division in Florida.”

What is Lean?

Lean is a way of identifying, reducing and eliminating waste in business processes.

Companies applying Lean can typically improve productivity for a given process by 40–80 percent or more. They do this by viewing processes from the customer’s perspective, and eliminating waste wherever possible.

The Peters Company are using the live online method for remaining coursework with the Oregon Lean Consortium. They are also developing on-demand training so individuals can gain these powerful skills at their own pace and location.

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