Lean Highlighted in Nursery and Greenhouse Business Publication

Digger magazine showcased more than a dozen nursery and greenhouse industry professionals for their process improvement ideas. The May, 2018 issue delivers an array of ways horticulture companies have gained efficiency by improving four areas: management, workflows, inputs and workspaces.

Digger also sought The Peters Company’s perspective on Lean’s impact to nursery and greenhouse businesses. “Lean is about going to war — a war on waste,” Rick Peters said. “All forms of waste cause excess use of resources, including labor, capital, time and creativity. With today’s labor shortages and increasing costs, remaining neutral on waste is no longer a viable option. Choosing to opt out of the war is akin to slowly raising the white flag to your competition. Why? Because your competition is waging war…not on you, but on their own waste.”

Download the article here, or read it online at diggermagazine.com.